Systems Design

Audio Impact is San Diego’s professional source for home automation and home theater systems design. Our knowledgeable specialists provide the planning and schematics for home theater systems, complete home automation, smart home integration, security systems, multi-room audio systems and lighting control systems. At the beginning of an Audio Impact home installation, we prepare detailed specifications to ensure proper design and execution.

Our systems design planning includes:

  • Installation Notes

    Indicating mounting heights and configurations to ensure consistent look and performance.
  • Device Location Drawings

    Displaying where every device is installed to provide a visualization of the overall system.
  • Lighting Control Plan

    Showing every light load, as well as its control system and panel wiring.
  • Home Automation Plan

    Indicating motorized mechanisms for window curtains, shutters and projector screens.
  • Security Plan

    Displaying security sensors and control locations.
  • Wiring Plan

    Displaying detailed information on every wire required and its point of origination.
  • Technical Power Plan

    Displaying details on all high voltage wiring requirements for your system.
  • Assembly Drawings

    Outlining all specifications for device installations.
  • Elevation Drawing

    Detailing specific design requirements for optimal performance.
  • Rack Elevation

    Showing wiring and component configurations as well as installation specification for your rack system.
  • Point to Point Schematics

    Displaying detailed information on inputs and outputs from systems hardware.
  • Keypad Loop Plan

    Detailing the wiring plans to show how each device links together.
  • Keypads, Remotes and Touch Screen Diagrams

    Showing detailed schematics of the control panels.