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Electronic House 2012 Awards: Audio Passion Inspired Home Theater Design

Sweet sounds take center stage in this theater, thanks to Monitor Audio speakers, an Integra preamp and a powerful Crestron amp.

May 01, 2012 by Lisa Montgomery

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It’s obvious when entering this grand, custom-crafted theater, which part of its design took priority: the audio. A contact sensor on the door that leads into the 27-by-16-foot space triggers an array of small LED fixtures, showcasing a pair of high-grade Monitor Audio Platinum tower speakers. Most people would have chosen to let the huge reference speakers stay hidden behind the acoustical fabric that covers each of two speaker cavities built into custom cabinetry at the front of the room. But not this homeowner. “On a scale from 1 to 10, his passion for audio is a 20,” says Ryan Lipkovicius of Audio Impact, the San Diego–based custom electronics design and installation fi rm hired to build this theater.

Several small, energy-efficient LED lights were carefully positioned within each of the cabinet’s two speaker cavities. When the door to the room opens, they illuminate so the speakers can be seen through the acoustical fabric. Part of Monitor Audio’s Platinum line, the speakers are the company’s top performers and this theater’s crowning jewel.

It would take plenty of horsepower to drive these freestanding giants, plus the rest of the Monitor Audio 9.2-channel surround-sound system. Audio Impact chose an Integra DHC-80.2 preamp for its ability to work well with other A/V components and numerous audio decoding options, and a Crestron Procise Proamp-7X400 amplifier for its pure, raw output of power.

Another important part of the audio design was the engineering of a carefully constructed and acoustically treated shell. “Sam Cavitt of Paradise Theater in San Diego calculated all of the parameters, including the room dimensions, number of seats and size and position of the screen, and the software (from Kinetics Noise Control) figured where we needed to put acoustical materials, how to position the speakers, and where to put the seats so the audio reproduction was true and smooth,” says Lipkovicius. To further enhance the acoustical performance, Audio Impact and Paradise Theater instructed the contractors to “float” the room so none of its walls or ceiling would touch the walls of adjacent rooms or the floor of the room above it. Air conditioning vents, light fixtures and electrical outlets were treated with special isolation materials so that no sound would escape from the theater.

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Audio Impact Wins Gold in Electronic House Home of the Year 2012

Audio Impact is proud to announce that it has won the 2012 Gold Best Theater from Electronic House.

The stage was set during the client discovery. When asked, “How would you describe your dream theater?” the client paused to reflect, then said “A special place. A room that draws us in, that brings us together as a family and where we can experience amazing sound and vision in comfort and serenity. A special room that creates an emotional bond as soon as we enter”. A tall order to be sure but attainable since the team was assembled early enough in the process to design and engineer excellence.

It starts with the room; the foundation of the performance theater environment. Room ratios and construction techniques were addressed to create an ideal scenario for quiet room construction and smooth acoustical performance. Subsystems were engineered, including mechanical, electrical and lighting to assure no unwanted sound entered or propagated through them. A detailed set of construction documents guided the project contractors through each step. The result was a theater “chassis” that would support the profound performance.

The engineering continues in the design of the system. The engine that provides the horsepower for our clients envisioned experiences. Monitor Platinum PL 300 reference towers and PL 350 center are perfectly matched with 6 of the newly developed Platinum In Wall PLIW for side and rear surrounds while 2 PLW-15 Subwoofers provide the prodigious bass. These superb components are precisely matched with the rooms acoustical environment resulting in accurate sound reproduction whatever the source. Powered and processed by the Integra THX Ultra 2 DHC-80 with Audyssey and Crestron PROAMP-7X400 amplifier there is no shortage of power and enveloping quality sound. The visual elements of the theater features the Runco LS-10 1080p projector driving a 135” 1.78:1 micro-perforated Stewart Filmscreen. The LS-10 complemented with Runco’s video processing provides plenty of visual excitement which is accurately rendered on the Stewart screen surface.

All the theater, house-wide audio and Crestron control systems are housed in 2 Middle Atlantic ERK racks concealed in ventilated cabinets in the rear of the room. The equipment rack cabinets and Projector compartment are constantly monitored by Crestron temperature C2N-RTHS sensors and turn on ultra quit exhaust fans if needed. The System features Crestron ADMS Intermedia Delivery System that brings movies from a Sony 400 Disk Blu-ray changer, Netflix, Hulu, The homes computers, Youtube to life at the touch of one button. There is a HD Cable box along with an Apple TV. The entire Theater Audio/Video, Lighting and HVAC is easily controlled via an in-wall removable TPS-6x wireless touchscreen remote. There are quick assess to lighting scenes and even a virtual keyboard for the ADMS.

Finally comes the blend of performance and aesthetics. The theaters acoustical components, which were specified as a result of an acoustical modeling process were integrated with the interior design artfully. The screen wall features display columns where the beautiful Platinum towers are nestled in an ideal acoustical surrounding and illuminated by concealed lighting. Behind the perforated screen sits, not only the PL350 center but custom engineered baffles to provide both expansive sound stage and accurate imaging. The whole assembly housed in a furniture grade cabinet design. Walls and ceilings feature concealed Kinetics acoustical devices behind a stretch fabric system which is complemented by pilasters, housing the surround speakers and gorgeous millwork trim throughout.

The impact upon entry is stunning, the serenity of the space is enchanting but when the system is fired up the experience is astonishing. Whether seated in the first row or the third get ready to “suspend your disbelief” for the home theater ride of your life.

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Runco Projector Highlights Basement Theater

Published Apr 12, 2012 By HD Living

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The husband and wife came to CSA Audio Design in Upper Montclair, N.J., wanting to convert a basement-level exercise room into a high-performance home theater that could host family movie nights when the grandchildren visit.

For the husband, a retired engineer for whom technology was a career, performance of the system was paramount. He wanted floor-standing speakers and a fixed-screen, home theater experience.

“He had a vision that he wanted his theater to look good and sound good; his wife wanted a pretty little theater,” says Ralph Fonte, CSA Audio Design’s owner. “They both did a lot of compromising back and forth.” Neither wanted to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project.

CSA Audio Design helped guide the couple’s decision making, with Fonte demonstrating speaker options so the husband could decide what he liked best.

The in-store demonstration highlight was the Runco CineWide high-definition front projector, which displays movies in the ultra-wide CinemaScope 2.35:1 aspect ratio. “It was the first time he saw one live, and he loved it,” says Fonte.

CSA Audio Design worked closely with the couple’s builder, who had never worked on a dedicated home theater room before, introducing him to the audio/video technology and also the Starlight fiber optic ceiling and the acoustic panels used in CSA Audio Design’s theater room.

Converting the low-ceilinged, 20- by 16-foot room into an eight-seat theater was a challenge that required moving a door and installing an 8-inch riser base to support a straight row of Salamander Designs theater seats at the rear of the theater. A second row of seats curved at the theater’s front.

The couple focused on the heart and soul of the theater—the audio, the video and the acoustics of the room.

CSA Audio Design paired a Runco VX-2000d 1080p DLP projector, installed with Runco’s add-on CineWide (Whitney) lens, with a 140-inch, 2.35:1 aspect ratio video screen from Vutec. The theater’s audio was delivered via an Integra DTR 8.8 receiver, compact floor-standing front speakers (Dali Mentor 5s for the right and left channels, Dali Mentor Vokal for center channel), plus Dali Icon Phantom in-wall speakers for rear channels. JL Audio’s Fathom f112 subwoofer drove the base.

The system components were installed in a hallway closet outside the theater. CSA Audio Design programmed Universal Remote Control model MX-980 to provide one-touch control of the system.

The couple opted not to invest in a movie or music management system, beyond the installation of a one-disc Blu-ray player and a cable box. Fonte explains that the retired engineer is waiting until easier computer-based on-demand music and movie downloading becomes available. “I definitely will be showing him VuDu,” says Fonte, referring to the on-demand movie service.

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Review: Runco LightStyle LS-1 Home Theater Projector

This Runco DLP projector is an affordable home cinema luxury

January 26, 2012 | by Grant Clauser

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There are luxury brands that we all know—Mercedes, Louis Vuitton—and there are luxury brands that are known primarily among aficionado groups—Cohiba cigars, Sage fly fishing rods. Runco tends to be a brand that falls more in the second category. It has a reputation for offering spectacular, and spectacularly expensive, home theater projectors. For instance, at a CEDIA Expo press conference in 2011, the company spent most of the 40 minutes demonstrating a jaw-dropping projector that clocks in at over $200,000. That’s without the screen or the popcorn.

Why do I point this out—because alongside such extravagances, the company now offers a product that will get the Runco name, along with a lot of the Runco prowess, into homes for a lot less. Last year the company introduced the LightStyle line of projectors which tend to be less expensive than Runco’s other systems (though the three-chip models do get up there). They also don’t don’t look like industrial air conditioners. The LS-1 reviewed here carries an MSRP of $3,999.

Actually, being round and squat, they look a little like Roombas. That’s not a bad thing. These are stylish little projectors (you can also customize them with a color palette or team logo) that won’t look at all bad snugged up against your ceiling.

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Runcos LightStyle Series Expands to Achieve their Most Affordable Price Point Ever

Runco Press Release 8-9-2011

New LS-1 introduces Runco’s high-quality, affordable projection to value-conscious customers looking for the very best performance.

Beaverton, OR – Runco® is excited to announce the newest addition to its critically-acclaimed LightStyle™ Series DLP™ projectors, the LS-1. The LS-1 is a single-chip 1080p DLP projector that provides an unprecedented option to homeowners looking for the performance and flexibility of a Runco projector at a very attractive price point.

“With the introduction of the LS-1, we are able to bring the renowned Runco performance to a broader group of video enthusiasts,” said Jennifer Davis, VP of Marketing at Runco. “Being able to hit this competitive price point enables our integrators more opportunities to sell to a large, previously-untapped market and for homeowners to enjoy the benefits owning a Runco brings.”

The Runco LS-1 is an ideal alternative for homeowners who want a high performance video option for watching TV or movies, but also want the color depth and picture quality for console gaming (i.e., PlayStation, Wii or Kinect), internet browsing or streaming video and movies via a set-top box. The Runco LightStyle product line offers the greatest range of brightness and image performance for different rooms and needs.

“Runco’s LightStyle Series allows us to deliver Runco performance to a new group of clients,” said Brian Hudkins, president of Gramophone LTD. “The beauty of the LightStyle Series is that we have been able reach a larger customer base due to its affordability, without sacrificing performance OR reliability as these projectors meet the high quality standards of Runco.”

The LS-1 uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to deliver the best color and crisp detail available in this product class and combines Runco’s SuperOnyx™ technology with ConstantContrast™ and ViVix™ proprietary digital video processing to achieve deep black levels and significant contrast, well above 10:000:1. The LS-1 also incorporates the ISF™ (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite for optimal performance in various rooms and lighting conditions. These calibration tools feature day and night calibration memory settings, individual sharpness and noise reduction controls, programmable image memory selection keys, built-in test patterns and a dark room-optimized remote.

Its sleek, glamorous design and customization options make the Runco LightStyle Series projectors the perfect solution to pair with a design-conscious homeowner. The LS-1 can be customized with Runco’s FinishPalette™ which enables complete projector customization for the homeowner. FinishPalette adds full-color design options, including exact PMS color matching for any college or pro-sports teams, a gallery of artist impressions and the option to custom-print your own artwork. Complementing the FinishPalette offering are 25 hand-finished signature paint colors to compliment any décor.

The LS-1 is also available with Runco’s CineGlide™ lens solution that enables a motorized, mechanical 2.35:1 anamorphic lens to move in front of the standard lens for perfect Scope reproduction. Runco CineGlide enables the viewer to switch from 16:9 content to 2.35:1 content, without black bars on the top or side of the image, with the touch of a button.

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Best 3D projector on the market?

by John Sciacca on May 25, 2011

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I first experienced Runco’s new D-73d 3D projector at the CEDIA Expo last September and was pretty impressed. By “pretty impressed” I mean that it was the best display of 3D technology I witnessed at the show. I find myself prone to headaches and discomfort when viewing many 3D demonstrations, and the D-73d was the easiest-on-the-eyes solution I’d seen. From my blog posted at the Expo, I wrote, “Fortunately the 15 minute walk [to the demo] was totally worth it as the Runco demo had the BEST 3D I’ve seen so far at the show. (At this point, I feel like I’m a qualified expert since I believe I have seen all the 3D demos. ALL…OF…THEM!) They have licensed Real-D’s technology and use a passive system that is the closest thing (identical?) to what I’ve experienced in the theater and didn’t make the two hemispheres of my brain feel like they were trying to slowly tear apart, swap places and then wage war on each other.”

But there is a big difference between being wowed by a 10-minute demo and evaluating something critically for hours on end. So, when an opportunity to review this new projector at Runco’s factory headquarters came up, I jumped at the chance.

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The Benefits of Front Projection

By Runco January 31, 2011

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#1: The Big Screen Experience

Home theater enthusiasts have known for decades how impressive front projection entertainment systems can be. They are the dominant technology in commercial cinemas for good reasons and many of these translate into residential applications.

So, why consider projection for your home?

The first benefit is that you can create a big screen experience at home. While plasma displays top out at around 150” and single LCD TVs over 70” are rare, projection systems are virtually unlimited in size and at a lower cost per square foot of display. You can create screens measured not in inches diagonal, but in feet or meters wide, which translates into more compelling entertainment.

#2: Design Flexibility

The second reason to consider front projection in the home is that it fits your lifestyle and blends seamlessly with your décor. You can hide the electronics away and with a touch of a button bring a home theater to life, without having to leave the room.

There is also no thinner flat panel display than a front projection screen. Projectors are available in a wide range of sizes, industrial design styles, and personalization that allow the product to be customized to the homeowner’s personality and passions.

#3: Unmatched Image Performance

From color performance to black levels, in the right environment, projection dominates. Plus, you are not limited to a fixed aspect ratio of 16:9 high definition (which is a 1.781 aspect ratio). You can watch CinemaScope2.35:1 content without black bars using Runco’s CineWide® and CineGlide™ technology.

#4: 3D Done Right

The market excitement around 3D in the home is palpable and there is no better way to watch 3D than with projection. The big screen experience is more immersive and it enables Runco’s Constant Stereoscopic Video™ (CSV) with battery-free passive glasses for the best-in-class 3D performance.

#5: Energy Efficiency

Using power-consumption-per-square-inch calculations, projectors use a fraction of the energy of large flat panel displays. This is especially true of Runco’s InfiniLight™ lamplessLED illumination (available on the QuantumColor™ series and the 3Dimension™ D-73d).

Why doesn’t everyone have a theater?

First off, projection is seen as relatively complicated (as opposed to a buy-and-hang flat panel display, which is often a do-it-yourself project for the homeowner). This leads to people believing it to be wildly expensive, overly complex, or not even considering it as a possibility at all.

The second reason is people associate projectors with dark, cave-like rooms that can only be used for movie watching. Sometimes space, room size, or ceiling height limitations can make homeowners believe that projection will never work for them.

Once the homeowner considers projection, then the real work begins of making it work for their room.

Projection only works when the light on the screen is brighter than the brightness of the room. In other words, the “blackest” blacks of the scenes you show, will only be as dark as the screen before you turn on the projector and in many bright rooms that is simply not dark enough for acceptable viewing. Make no mistake, projection is not the best solution for every room.

Outsmarting the Sun

While the industry standards for theater brightness call for approximately 14 foot lamberts (fL) of luminance off the screen, the sun delivers a whopping 10,000 fL!

One of the ways to beat the sun and create incredible visual experiences in the home is with a flex-theater. When you can’t dedicate the space or the budget for a dedicated home theater, a flexible design that accommodates multiple uses of a single space can be a perfect compromise. A projection system combined with modular furniture and lighting control can transform a living room into a theater back into an entertainment space with a simple tap on a touchscreen.

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Electronic House Names Product of Year Awards: Part 5

Best products in 35 categories unveiled at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.
January 06, 2011 by Steve Crowe

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Electronic House has announced the winners of its 2011 Product of the Year Awards during an awards presentation at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.
Covering 35 different categories, the winning entries were chosen by a panel of industry experts, integrators and the editors of Electronic House. Judging criteria included creativity, innovation, incorporated equipment, obstacles overcome, aesthetics, and lifestyle benefits.

Video Projection Screens

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Motorized

Black Diamond Motorized has eliminated the need for an extra flush mount chassis box. No extra chassis is needed. Customer satisfaction is increased significantly after watching a 126% larger screen over a small flat panel TV, as customers no longer have to contend with glare produced by flat panel TV’s. The image on Black Diamond is non-reflective and easy on the eyes. In addition, the Black Diamond Motorized eliminates any aesthetic concerns from customers that don’t want a screen in their rooms at all times.

Video Projectors

Runco D-73d

Integrating 3D visualization technology that is based on the science of how the human eye and brain process actual depth and dimension in real life, Runco has created a flawless stereoscopic video reproduction that is unlike anything else in the home or private cinema market. Runco’s D-73d 3D projection solution mirrors the biology of stereopsis (the science of 3D viewing) with amazing results, making it perfect for 3D and 2D viewing. The system includes: state-of-the-art projection with the brightest LED-illumination system on the market, highly-lauded color gamuts (including accurate reproductions of film capture and proprietary Runco Native color gamut), Runco’s Personal Color Equalizer™ for infinite color control, and the Runco SmartColor™ technology for realistic flesh tone rendering. The projection system is lamp-free and uses less power than EnergyStar® requirements for televisions. These engineering feats are joined by Runco’s Constant Stereoscopic Video™ (CSV) architecture to ensure that both eyes are getting full 1080p-resolution and a continuous stream of flicker-free video, reducing eye strain and discomfort commonly associated with 3D.

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La Jolla Home Theater and Automation - Motorized screen, Motorized projector lift

Posted by ryan Thu, 30 Dec 2010 02:38:00 GMT

Equipment Reviews - Runco

Equipment Review: Runco QuantumColor Q-750i LED Projector

By: Andrew Robinson

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While 3D may be dominating nearly all of the HDTV talk these days, the hot technology among front projection aficionados is LED projectors. The Runco Q-750i is such a projector, employing Runco’s own InfiniLight LED illumination technology.

There are two LED projectors in the QuantumColor lineup, the Q-750i and Q-750d. The more expensive Q-750d features an outboard video processor and HDMI switcher, whereas the more affordable Q-750i has both its video processing and inputs housed internally.

The Q-750i is a large projector by today’s standards measuring in at approximately 22 inches deep by 10 inches tall and weighing a hefty 49 pounds.The Q-750i has all of the modern connection options one could ask for or need, including two HDMI 1.3a inputs, two component inputs (one RCA the other BNC), a single RGB monitor input, an S-video input and one composite video input. The Q-750i has the ability to be controlled via RS-232 and also features an IR repeater as well as a few 12-Volt triggers…

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Equipment Review: Runco LS-5 DLP Front Projector

Runco has hit it out of the park with this product. One could even worry that they may have cannibalized some high-end business with the extraordinary value proposition offered here. To those who thought the rarified air of high-quality front projection was filled with only products made from unaffordium, think again. This may be the first time “Runco” and “very affordable” have been in the same sentence. Like most current-generation DLPs, it’s small, lightweight (22 pounds), and relatively quiet. To get visibly higher image quality than offered by the LS-5, be prepared to spend four to five times its retail price. Spot-on colorimetry, ruler flat gray scale, high-quality optics, and every “tweak” necessary for an ultimate calibration, and all for less than what we paid for a decent flat panel last year, yields a new high water mark for both performance and value … … it does seem like a non-sequitur, doesn’t it.

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