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Baldwin® Wireless Locks now Crestron Connected®

Baldwin Wireless Locks

Crestron is proud to offer Baldwin wirelessly-controlled door locks as part of our growing list of Crestron Connected devices. Long renowned for superior craftsmanship and style, Baldwin Locks are now available with our infiNET EX® wireless technology built-in, allowing seamless integration with a Crestron control system. Homeowners can lock/unlock doors remotely from their favorite mobile devices and Crestron touch screens, or manually using a keypad or key (depending on model). Baldwin locks can also be set to automatically relock after 30 seconds.

Personalized access

With the new Baldwin Locks, homeowners can personalize access to their residence(s) for family members, guests, contractors, and staff. The system can also monitor door position, battery status, and alarm status. What’s more, the locks can be integrated into automation scenes; for instance, when the door is locked/unlocked, the Crestron system can simultaneously turn lights on/off, adjust shades and temperature, and set the alarm.

More than just entry doors

Wireless door locks are great for all front, side, and rear doors, but there are many interior door applications as well. Add keyless entry and increased security to home offices, private reserve cellars, and equipment closets – without the hassle of carrying keys around the house.


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Crestron Pyng Puts YOU in Control

Pyng, the newest addition to Crestron home controls, now allows you to make program scheduling changes yourself without waiting for your programmer! The newest addition to the Crestron line allows adjustments to lighting, shades, climate, and security right from your iPad. Having a party and want a scene specifically for the one night? No problem, Pyng it! Feel like your house could be a little more cozy now that it’s colder outside? Pyng it! Pyng brings your home control to your fingtertips for the easiest, most convenient system yet. Learn more at the links below, or give us a call!

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9 Overlooked Home Theater Features

Many home theater enthusiasts, especially DIYers (and I’m including myself here) tend to fuss all about the big picture and sound-in-the-round speaker approach, while neglecting many important details.

Sometimes installers are guilty of the same thing (though usually it’s the client’s taste or budget that’s to blame). A home theater is more than a room and more than a collection of electronics all tethered together. When done right, a home theater is a total experience.

A well-done home theater is inclusive, comfortable, and- most importantly- not noticeable once the movie's on.

To get to that sublime experience, you need to pay attention to all the details

The truth is that few rooms are perfect for a home theater before the gear arrives, and many still aren’t perfect after the gear’s been installed and connected. In fact, perfection is rarely achievable, but there are a number of features that any home theater enthusiast overlooks at their own peril…

To read about the impact of lighting, reflections, seating, and more, click here.

To read about the impact of lighting, reflections, seating, and more, click here..

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Waterproof Crestron Remote

For those who want to keep their remotes outside or play with them in the pool or jacuzzi, Crestron has an answer: a weather-proof remote. It even floats!

Crestron describes their UFO Waterproof Wireless LCD Remote (UFO-WPR-3ER) as “A rugged, waterproof remote with extended range RF performance and advanced color LCD display.” Its color screen and large, easy to press buttons can be used to control your outdoor lighting, jacuzzi, TV, music, and more.

Go here to see a video of it in action where we most recently installed it:

Crestron's Floating Remote

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Yale Offers Crestron Connected Wirelessly Controlled Door Locks

Yale Locks & Hardware revealed that its wirelessly controlled door locks now integrate with Crestron control systems to provide direct communication, control, management and monitoring of home security.

The Yale Real Living line of access control locks—the first Crestron Connected residential door locks—enable homeowners to lock and unlock doors remotely from a Crestron touch screen or a mobile device, set schedules, and personalize access to the home.


The Crestron Connected initiative embeds Crestron control intelligence into a wide selection of third-party source equipment and display devices, such as projectors, displays, and audio/video receivers, to operate seamlessly with Crestron control technologies. Using Crestron infiNET EX wireless protocol, the new Yale Real Living wirelessly controlled door locks receive commands and send information to the Crestron controller, allowing other devices to come to life based on the lock’s activity.

Homeowners can lock or unlock doors from anywhere in the house using a Crestron touch screen or remotely using Crestron Mobile Pro/Mobile Pro G for Apple and Android mobile devices. When the door is locked or unlocked, the Crestron system can simultaneously turn lights on/off, adjust shades and temperature, and set the alarm. Homeowners can also give access to others and create a schedule to allow guests to enter the home on specific days, and program other settings tailored to each person. Each family member and guest receives a unique PIN, so the homeowner can monitor system activity. For example, the system can be set to automatically send a text message to parents when a child has arrived home from school. The system also monitors battery and alarm status. A Crestron Connected device is recognized natively by the Crestron processor and allows for full control capabilities out-of-the-box, without any special drivers or modules.

To read the full article, click here.

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Crestron Launches Motorized Shades with Quietest Motor

Debuting at CEDIA Expo 2012, Crestron’s motorized window coverings are available in roller shades, Roman shades, skylight shades and drapery track systems.

By Julie Jacobson, July 23, 2012

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We knew something was up with Crestron when a patent application came through in July for a “Drapery Assembly with a Powered Carrier.”

Indeed, leading home automation provider Crestron Electronics is launching its own line of shading controls to compete with category leader Lutron Electronics.

In a press release issued today (reprinted below), Crestron says it has the “quietest motor on the market” – a superlative generally bestowed on Lutron.

True to form, Crestron is launching a complete line, including motorized roller shades, Roman shades, skylight shades and drapery track systems. “Designer-inspired” fabrics and hardware finishes complete the line. The company says the line can be integrated with non-Crestron control systems.

Over the past decade, Crestron has added several subsystems to its home integration line, including A/V switchers and receivers, thermostats and lighting controls. The video switchers and lighting in particular have lured many integrators away from specialty manufacturers of these lines.

Meanwhile, many of the specialty vendors, such as Lutron (Radio Ra 2), Key Digital (Compass Control), Gefen (GAVA), URC (Total Control), somfy (TaHoma) and Remote Technologies Inc. have expanded into Crestron’s realm of home integration to offer their own multifunction control systems.

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Installation of the Week : Crestron In-Wall Touchpanel

Crestron V-Panel Integrated 15” Wall Mount HD Touch Screen - TPMC-V15-WALL

Audio Impact recently installed this very stylish and versatile touch panel solution in a La Jolla Home. Blending style and function with the latest high-definition graphics technology, this flush mount touchscreen also includes a built-in front-firing speakers to provide clear audio for listening to multimedia, as well as for intercom in combination with the integrated microphone.

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5 high-tech smart homes for the super rich

By By Jerold Leslie | – Tue, Jun 26, 2012

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Super-luxury estates don’t just come with swimming pools and tennis courts these days, but also boast elaborate home theaters and special controls that can unlock doors or adjust thermostats even if you’re halfway around the world.

“I’ll walk into a dark house with a buyer, press one button and turn on the lights, the music and the home theater downstairs,” says Debra Johnston, an Atlanta real estate agent who specializes in high-end properties. “The whole house is ready to go – and the client can see that.”

More and more high-end properties feature such “smart-home” technologies - professional-grade audio/video systems, plus lights, thermostats, window shades and more that you can control with an Apple iPad or other smart device. Read on for five of the poshest smart homes.

Lakefront estate, Plano, Texas

List price: $5.9 million

This six-bedroom estate’s elaborate media room features a domed ceiling that depicts thousands of twinkling stars - and even an occasional meteor streaking across the sky. There are also eight reclining chairs, as well as custom-painted murals depicting a panoramic view of Florence, Italy. As for electronics, the media room boasts a Sony (SNE_) video projector, a 147-inch screen, a 7.1 surround-sound Super THX speaker system, four DSS satellite receivers and more. The home’s state-of-the-art electronics also include remote-controlled shades, lights and other amenities, as well as built-in wiring for audio, flat-panel TVs and high-speed Internet.

Oceanfront estate, Dana Point, CA

List price: $23 million

Located on the Pacific Ocean some 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 10 miles east of Catalina Island, this Tuscan-style estate boasts remote-controlled lights, drapes, audio/video and more. A Crestron control system runs the built-in 60-inch built-in flat-panel TV and surround-sound system in the home’s great room, as well as two flat-panel TVs and a ticker-tape display in the “sports room.” You can also control the property’s security system/video cameras remotely, as well as a 15-zone audio system that features built-in speakers inside and out of the six-bedroom home. But the estate’s coolest feature is probably its home theater, which boasts a professional-grade video projector, a 160-inch screen and 11 reclining seats.

Clock tower penthouse, Brooklyn, NY

List price: $19 million

This three-bedroom penthouse doesn’t have the world’s most elaborate electronics, but is in one of the coolest settings around – a 98-year-old former factory’s clock tower. Spanning the top three floors of Brooklyn’s famed 1914 Clock Tower Building, the condo boasts one-of-a-kind windows carved out of the structure’s four huge clocks (which still function). As for electronics, the penthouse has 12-speed CAT wiring and a Crestron system that controls lighting, heat, air conditioning, audio/video and shades.

Tuxedo Park estate, Atlanta, GA

List price: $11.5 million

This newly built 2-acre estate features all sorts of cutting-edge technology, from a home theater that cost nearly $1 million to lights, thermostats and more that you can control remotely. Virtually every room in this seven-bedroom/13-bathroom home is connected to central music and security systems and comes prewired for CAT5 cable, PBX phones and high-speed Internet access. There’s also a high-tech geothermal heating/cooling system and super-efficient thermal-pane windows and icynene insulation. But it’s the property’s home theater that really shines. Outfitted with 12-seat German-made leather seats, the space boasts a $160,000 Digital Projections Pro-Cinema Commercial Projector, a 171-inch Stewart film screen and a $17,000 Snell surround-sound speaker/subwoofer system.

Cape Cod waterfront estate, Cotuit, MA

List price: $10.9 million

This 7.6-acre estate’s smart-home technology runs not only all systems in its four-bedroom main house, but lights, heat and the like in its one-bedroom carriage house as well. The system controls the home’s built-in audio/video, 14 flat-panel TVs – even the temperature in the estate’s massive wine cellar.

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Installation of the week: Crestron Programming

Pre-Programing another Crestron System, featuring Crestron Core 3 with Crestron Digital Media.

The system will have 15” in-wall V-Panel touchscreen and over 29 rooms of audio. This stunning La Jolla home will also have a dedicated Theater. Stay tuned for more on this exciting Crestron System.

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Home Theater makes a Relaxing Family Upgrade

Published Apr 27, 2012 By HD Living

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What better gift can you give to your family than entertainment? When one homeowner wanted to bestow upon

his extended family, there was only one area home theater/automation integrator he needed to call: Domes Audio Video Environments in Virginia Beach, Va.

“The homeowner considered the sports bar/game room to be a very important part of the home, and needed a space their grandchildren, kids, family and friends could enjoy together,” recalled Domes President Lee Whedbee. “They requested it be a relaxed space with a large screen and access to both audio and video collections, as well as lighting scenes for party modes, playing cards and gaming.”

In addition to excellent sight and sound, “The home-owner wanted ease of access to his music throughout his home, the detached pool building and antique car garage,” Whedbee said. “He wanted an intuitive interface that visiting friends and relatives could operate without detailed instructions.”

How did the homeowner come across Domes? Extensive research, after which “he called Domes, and we went to his home to do a complimentary site survey and discuss his wishes for the job. He was impressed with our ideas, length of time in business, and that we are a family business.”

Next on the homeowner’s priority list was a dedicated home theater which could seat 10 people. Domes designed a tiered seating layout with five seats on each row, keeping the first row 12 feet from the Stewart screen.

Comfort paired with a Runco VX-22 projector hidden in a motorized lift in the ceiling and projecting onto a 110-inch Stewart screen provided breathtaking video. The room was treated with an acoustical wall absorption system and hidden Meridian speakers and amplification provided the audio.

The project was complete after about six weeks—10 days to prewire, two weeks to install the equipment, and about two weeks to program and de-bug.

The homeowner was surprised—and delighted by the end result. “The most surprising aspect of the entire job was the ‘control’,” Whedbee stated. ”We used a Crestron Control System throughout the home including the ‘Sports Bar’, pool building and antique car garage. This allowed for ease of use for both audio and video throughout. DVDs and Music CDs could be easily accessed from any room, alleviating the need for cluttered stacks of DVDs and CDs on the shelves.

“He loved to entertain and this was the place to do it. Push one button and the automation took over. The lights began to dim, the curtains parted revealing the Stewart Screen, and the DVD began. His guests were amazed, and he was delighted to see them enjoy the theater as much as he did!”

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