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Installation of the week: Crestron Programming

Pre-Programing another Crestron System, featuring Crestron Core 3 with Crestron Digital Media.

The system will have 15” in-wall V-Panel touchscreen and over 29 rooms of audio. This stunning La Jolla home will also have a dedicated Theater. Stay tuned for more on this exciting Crestron System.

Posted by chantal Thu, 07 Jun 2012 16:22:00 GMT

Home Theater makes a Relaxing Family Upgrade

Published Apr 27, 2012 By HD Living

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What better gift can you give to your family than entertainment? When one homeowner wanted to bestow upon

his extended family, there was only one area home theater/automation integrator he needed to call: Domes Audio Video Environments in Virginia Beach, Va.

“The homeowner considered the sports bar/game room to be a very important part of the home, and needed a space their grandchildren, kids, family and friends could enjoy together,” recalled Domes President Lee Whedbee. “They requested it be a relaxed space with a large screen and access to both audio and video collections, as well as lighting scenes for party modes, playing cards and gaming.”

In addition to excellent sight and sound, “The home-owner wanted ease of access to his music throughout his home, the detached pool building and antique car garage,” Whedbee said. “He wanted an intuitive interface that visiting friends and relatives could operate without detailed instructions.”

How did the homeowner come across Domes? Extensive research, after which “he called Domes, and we went to his home to do a complimentary site survey and discuss his wishes for the job. He was impressed with our ideas, length of time in business, and that we are a family business.”

Next on the homeowner’s priority list was a dedicated home theater which could seat 10 people. Domes designed a tiered seating layout with five seats on each row, keeping the first row 12 feet from the Stewart screen.

Comfort paired with a Runco VX-22 projector hidden in a motorized lift in the ceiling and projecting onto a 110-inch Stewart screen provided breathtaking video. The room was treated with an acoustical wall absorption system and hidden Meridian speakers and amplification provided the audio.

The project was complete after about six weeks—10 days to prewire, two weeks to install the equipment, and about two weeks to program and de-bug.

The homeowner was surprised—and delighted by the end result. “The most surprising aspect of the entire job was the ‘control’,” Whedbee stated. ”We used a Crestron Control System throughout the home including the ‘Sports Bar’, pool building and antique car garage. This allowed for ease of use for both audio and video throughout. DVDs and Music CDs could be easily accessed from any room, alleviating the need for cluttered stacks of DVDs and CDs on the shelves.

“He loved to entertain and this was the place to do it. Push one button and the automation took over. The lights began to dim, the curtains parted revealing the Stewart Screen, and the DVD began. His guests were amazed, and he was delighted to see them enjoy the theater as much as he did!”

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Posted by chantal Wed, 06 Jun 2012 19:15:00 GMT

Report: 38% of U.S. Households Have Connected TVs

10 Apr, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Netflix remains the primary driver of users seeking Internet-connected media devices to the television

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Nearly one in four households in the country have a least one television connected to the Internet directly or via a video game system, Blu-ray Disc player, Apple TV or Roku set-top player, among other devices, according to a new report.

Leichtman Research Group said household connected TV penetration is up 8% from 30% penetration in 2011 and 25% penetration in 2010. The primary conduit remains the game console, at 28%, while just 4% of households are connected via Web-enabled TV, and just 1% through an Apple TV or Roku media player.

The data was compiled from a survey of 1,251 households nationwide.

The Durham, N.H.-based research firm said 13% of all respondents watch video from the Internet via a connected device at least weekly, compared with 10% last year and 5% two years ago. Use of connected devices remains skewed toward Netflix subscribers, with 35% of Netflix subscribers watching video from the Internet via a connected device weekly, compared with 5% weekly use among all non-Netflix subscribers.

Indeed, 16% of all adults use Netflix’s streaming feature weekly — compared with 12% last year and 4% two years ago. Nearly 80% of Netflix streaming customers use it to watch movies and television shows on a TV set, and 59% of this group access Netflix via a video game system.

About 50% of Netflix subscribers are satisfied with the service, and 11% are likely to stop subscribing to Netflix in the next six months. Another 7% of Netflix subs are likely to switch from their multi-channel video provider in the next six months — compared with 12% of non-Netflix subscribers.

About 13% of Netflix subs would consider reducing spending on their multichannel video service because of Netflix — compared with 21% last year.

Another 16% of all adults watch full-length TV shows online at least weekly, compared with 12% last year and 10% three years ago. Among all mobile phone owners, 19% watch video on their phones weekly, compared with 15% last year, and 6% three years ago. And 9% of all adults watch video on an iPad/tablet computer weekly, versus 2% last year, according to the report.

Overall, 1.6% of households in the sample paid to subscribe to a multichannel video service in the past year and do not currently subscribe. Yet, just 0.1% of the sample who dropped service in the past year do not plan to subscribe again in the next six months and say that they don’t subscribe because of Netflix or because they can watch all that they want on the Internet or in other ways.

“Video is increasingly being watched on different platforms and in different places, yet these emerging video services still generally act as complements to traditional television viewing and services rather than as substitutes,” said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group. “Among all adults, reported time spent watching TV is similar to last year, and there remains little evidence of a significant trend in consumers ‘cutting the cord’ to their multichannel video services to watch video solely via these emerging services.”

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Nest Learning Thermostat Added to Apple Store

By Stephanie Mlot May 30, 2012 09:49am EST

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The Apple Store is slowly becoming an all-in-one shopping experience, today adding the Nest Learning Thermostat to its inventory.

The thermostat, which is reminiscent of an iPod classic click wheel, is available now for $249.95, just $0.95 more expensive than its suggested retail price. It was added to this morning after some brief downtime, prompting speculation in the Twitterverse about everything from new MacBooks to Skynet coming online.

The Nest thermostat already has an Apple connection. Tony Fadell, Nest co-creator, is a former Apple senior vice president, and was part of the creative team behind the original iPod and iPhone. While the thermostat has no direct connection to Apple products, its Wi-Fi capabilities allow control of the Nest from any iOS device — iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The thermostat also works with a PC or Android smartphone to adjust scheduling, change the temperature, and check weather.

Old-fashioned twisting and button-pushing also work to control the climate; you can turn the dial or navigate through its menu by pressing the LCD screen. The modern thermostat can program itself by tracking the temperature settings used over a week, and energy-saving Auto-Away settings lower heat and cooling while you’re not home.

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Installation of the week: Invisible Speakers

Can you spot the speakers?

Recently Audio Impact installed these two in-ceiling speakers in an outdoor area. The speakers have paintable grills, allowing us to match the color and create a seamless look.

Posted by chantal Fri, 01 Jun 2012 16:57:00 GMT