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Holiday Gift Guide 2011 Part 1

2011 Holiday Gift Guide brought to you by Electronic House!

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RTI T2-CS+ Remote

A show-off media room is a great place to spend holiday time with friends and family, but those times will quickly go downhill if you can’t find the 7 remotes you need to get a Blu-ray disc to play over your audio/video system. The RTI T2-Cs remote operates both by infrared and radio frequency and provides two-way feedback from supported devices. The easy button layout and rocker switch makes operation a one-handed snap.

Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart

Maybe we stay home so we don’t have to pay the criminal rates theaters change for popcorn, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want the fresh-popped stuff. This old-fashioned stand-up popper may look like a 1900s-era antique, but it’s all modern and available only through JC Penny. It features a stainless steel kettle with a built-in stirring system and kernel catcher to keep out the unpopped kernels.

Sim2 Nero 3D Home Theater Projector

There are plenty of reasons to want a 3D home theater projector, and several of the involve Disney Blu-rays. This is the perfect time of year to treat someone (or yourself) to a home 3D system because it’s also the time of year when studios release most of their 3D Blu-ray movies.

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