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RTI T2-Cs+ handheld remote control

As part of the redesign of its popular T2-C handheld remote control, RTI has made it easier for electronics professionals to program its newly released T2-Cs+ by allowing for customizable button sizes.

By Robert Archer, October 20, 2011

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For many years the T-2C remote has been a staple of the RTI product line and recently to ensure its compatibility with the latest generation of home electronics the company updated the unit to reflect the market’s latest technologies.

The newly introduced T2-Cs+ from RTI is the latest generation T2-C handheld remote from the popular custom electronics manufacturer and it says some of the freshly added revisions to the remote include a 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen that offers users better image quality and an increased viewing angle, and 128MBs of flash memory along with a 532MHz CPU to bolster the unit’s speed and performance.

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