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The 2012 New American Home

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Now under construction near Orlando, Florida, The New American Home (TNAH) 2012 is a re-interpretation of the Classic White Box of the 1960s and ’70s made popular by leading architects such as Le Corbusier and Richard Meier.

Phil Kean of Winter Park, Florida, the architect and builder of the 2012 home, seeks to honor the architecture of the past while taking advantage of current technologies and design trends. Kean is focusing on functional and transitional spaces and attention to detail instead of square footage and the design uses space efficiently to create a calm and serene living environment.

The latest green building products and methods are factored into every aspect of the home’s design. Kean hopes the home will achieve “emerald” status under the green building certification process administered by the NAHB Research Center and based on principles set forth in the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard™ certified by ANSI - “Emerald” is the highest of the four levels of achievement a home can attain.

TNAH 2012 Certifications to be achieved:

- National Green Building Standard “Emerald Status”

- US DOE’s Energy Star

- FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition) Platinum certification

- Florida Yards and Neighborhoods designation

- Florida Water Star designation Progress

- Energy Home Advantage Program

- US DOE’s Builders Challenge


Now in its 29th year, The New American Home (TNAH) is constructed annually in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show to showcase innovative construction technologies and the latest building products. NAHB will hold the 2012 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, February 8-11.

NAHB and Hanley Wood’s Builder magazine co-sponsor the show home.

As NAHB’s official show home, TNAH gives building industry professionals an opportunity to see design trends, construction techniques, and materials that can be used in any new or remodeled home. The showcase products in the home are provided by members of the NAHB Leading Suppliers Council.

Kean has designed The New American Home 2012 to take maximum advantage of Florida’s friendly climate. Walls of movable glass panels and motorized screens provide a seamless flow from the indoor to the outdoor spaces.

At 4,181 square feet, the home will be the smallest in The New American Home series in many years. It will be displayed as a two-bedroom floor plan that will appeal to empty nesters, and will have four additional rooms that could be converted to bedrooms if needed.

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Sharps 80-inch LED TV is Worlds Biggest

Published Sep 30, 2011 By HD Living

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First the 70-inch LED LCD TV was a big deal, but now the company has gone and come out with an even bigger one, an 80-inch model will be available next month for $5,499.

The LC-80LE632U includes most of the features of Sharp’s other premium TVs including 1080p resolution, built-in Wi-Fi, media apps and Aquous Advantage Live online support. This model is not 3D-enabled.

Sharp says the 80-inch TV delivers more than double the screen area of a 55-inch TV. Even at that size, the unit is only 4-inches deep (the same as my several-years-old 50-inch plasma).

The LC-80LE632U is based on a full-array backlit panel with local dimming. It boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1 (no word on the standard contrast ratio), 120 Hz refresh rate, 10-bit video processing and advanced pixel control to minimize light leakage.

Among the media apps built into the TV are Netflix, Vudu and CinemaNow. The Aquous Advantage Live feature allows live online customer service directly through the TV.

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2011 Custom Retailer Excite Awards Winner: Autonomic Mirage Media Servers

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Autonomic introduced the world’s first cloud-based media server. Engineered for custom installation, the Mirage Media Server has become the standard for converging content for multi-room distribution from the most popular sources, such as iTunes, Windows Media, PANDORA® internet radio,, Rhapsody, TuneIn Radio (RadioTime) and SiriusXM Internet Radio. Pre-built control modules for leading automation systems are included, and the Mirage Media Controller app is available for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Crestron Mobile Pro For Android Now Available on Market

Crestron Press Release October 11, 2011

Control Your Crestron System from Any Android Mobile Device

Crestron today announced that the new Mobile Pro Control App for Android™ is now available on the Android™ Market. Mobile Pro turns any Android device into a fully functional Crestron touch screen, allowing homeowners to control lighting, thermostats, entertainment, security systems and other connected systems from anywhere, anytime.

“Whether you have an iPhone®, iPad® or Android mobile device, there’s a Crestron control solution for you,” said Crestron VP of Technology, Fred Bargetzi. “We’re fanatical about keeping our customers on the cutting edge by offering a variety of solutions that bring the latest, most popular home technology into their lives. Our new Android App is just the latest example of that commitment. We don’t make you choose, we make it easy.”

Mobile Pro displays real-time status of room temperatures, shade positions, lighting levels and metadata including cover art, song and artist. You can even view streaming video from web-based security cameras right on your mobile device. Using the home Wi-Fi® network locally or powerful cellular networks remotely, a virtual Crestron touch screen is always in the palm of your hand no matter where you are.

Crestron provides cross-platform flexibility for the entire family. “Mom can have the same control interface and functionality on her iPad that Dad has with his Samsung Galaxy,” Bargetzi says. “You can switch carriers or get a new mobile device without calling in a programmer to reprogram the system. Just connect your new device, and you’re ready to go…you have the freedom to choose whatever device you want.”

Crestron provides the infrastructure that is the foundation for home control, while providing an open platform for development that supports PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. The popular R2 Control for Crestron app, created by id8 Group, was the pioneer in providing the first Android solution for Crestron and is available for download from the Android Market.

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2011 Custom Retailer Excite Awards Winner: ClareHome Controls Home Automation System

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ClareHome is the first home automation system managed from the cloud and runs on a Mac. From the ClareCloud, integrators configure, deploy and monitor ClareHome, while end-users download and create their own interfaces. Absolutely unique to home automation, end-users can take control with ClareHome. No other solution allows users to download new home controls and make them functional within minutes all without the help of a programmer or a technician. It is simple to own and simple to change.

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Audio Impact Featured in La Jolla Light!

Audio Impact was recently featured on “La Jolla Light” website for winning the “Electronic House Home of the Year 2011” award.

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Audio Impact Inc., whose CEO Ryan Lipkovicius attended Muirlands and La Jolla High schools, was named in “Electronic House” magazine’s 2011 Home of the Year Awards.

The magazine’s editorial team picked the winning entries, which “featured fantastic audio, video, lighting and automation systems, and ultimately awarded 32 winning installations in 12 categories.

Audio Impact won a Gold award in the Outdoor Space category for its entry “Extravagant Backyard with Underwater Speakers” for a home in Del Mar.

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Creative Ways to Mount a TV

Installation creativity is on display in our third annual Mount This! Contest.

September 15, 2011 by Steve Crowe

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While a basic TV installation isn’t that difficult, especially with the many good mount systems now on the market, but often situations are far from basic. That’s where it’s necessary to call in the pros. Unusual locations and difficult walls, not to mention creative requests from homeowners, all require professional knowledge.

So why not allow the pros to show off some of that creative work.

Electronic House’s sister magazine, CE Pro, conducted the Mount This! Contest, sponsored by Sanus, to showcase interesting, innovative and unusual installations of flat-panel TVs that overcame challenges.

Sometimes the installation is a challenge due to the environment, as is the case in the winning installation submitted by Angel Alvidrez of Digital Media Solutions who was tasked with mounting a 55-inch TV to the stone work surrounding the client’s lavish in-ground pool.

Poolside Beauty

Masonry Work

Local Sports Bar

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Draper Takes Exterior FlexShades Outside

Designed to block sunlight and heat, this option offers numerous control options.

September 29, 2011 by Rachel Cericola

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Sometimes you can’t escape the sun—even in your own home. For those with a lot of windows, Draper has announced Exterior FlexShades.

As part of the company’s growing line of solar control products, these motorized shades can keep out sunlight and heat. However, having these shades cover the outside doesn’t just make for a more comfortable temperature. It saves you money on heating and cooling costs, and can protect furniture and floors from fading.

According to Draper, the best place and time to stop that heat and glare is outside, which is why Draper’s Exterior FlexShades are installed outdoors. Don’t expect to have to get out a ladder when it’s time to draw these shades, though. Instead, plenty of control options are available, including the option to integrate into an existing home control system. It’s also available with crank or clutch operation.

Because it’s located outside, this system is very quiet. However, it’s also protected from the elements via heavy-duty cable guides or side channels and an aluminum headbox that’s both weather- and insect-resistant.

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Hands On Review: Toshiba 47TL515U 3D LCD TV

Several online options, 2D to 3D conversion, and super thin.

September 16, 2011 by Grant Clauser

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In January at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Toshiba grabbed a lot of headlines with its autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D TV. The company is still talking about that TV nine months later, but the 3D TVs they’re actually selling fall into the passive glasses category.

This one in particular is a 47-inch unit with a very slim design and a full suite of video and networking features. It’s an edge-lit LED LCD TV with some local dimming, which helps improve black levels. It includes four HDMI ports, plus the standard assortment of analog inputs. There’s also a USB port for connecting thumb drives and such.

As stated previously, it’s a passive 3D TV, which means that it puts most of the 3D technology in the LCD panel rather than in the glasses. The passive glasses are similar to the ones you’ll get in most commercial theaters, and in fact the glasses you snuck out of the theater will work with this TV. This method has some pros and cons which I’ll get into later.

The TV assembles easily enough. In fact, it’s so light, under 50 pounds, that one person can unbox it and assemble the stand. The TV swivels on the stand, so if you put it on a table you can turn it to face viewers on different ends of the room—not important if you’re hanging it on a wall though. It’s also just slightly more than an inch thick, so it will look great on a wall.

The Toshiba remote is a mix. It’s nice-looking, with contrasting shiny black and metallic gray. It includes a backlight button that’s very bright. I found the button layout frustrating though. The buttons are painfully small, with nano-sized type and cramped so close you have to hold it up to your face to see what’s what. You’ll get used to it, but never really like it.

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Rhapsody announces plans to acquire Napster

By Donald Melanson Posted Oct 3rd 2011 1:38PM

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Details are fairly light at the moment, but Rhapsody has just announced that it plans to acquire Napster, and that the deal is expected to be complete as soon as the end of November. In a statement, Rhapsody president Jon Irwin said that the deal “will further extend Rhapsody’s lead over our competitors in the growing on-demand music market,” and that “this is a ‘go big or go home’ business, so our focus is on sustainably growing the company.” According to Rhapsody, the company will acquire Napster’s subscribers and “certain other assets” under the agreement, and Best Buy (Napster’s current owner) will receive a minority stake in the company.

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