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Control4 Announces New Addition: MyHome App for Android

Unveiled at CEDIA EXPO 2011, the new app provides whole home control from today’s popular Android devices.

Indianapolis, IN – CEDIA Expo 2011 – September 8, 2011, 8:00 AM ET – Booth #2302 – Control4, a leader in affordable IP-based home control systems, announces their new Control4® MyHome - Android™ app for Android-enabled mobile devices. Developed by Clever Controls for Control4® systems, the app is currently in beta testing with select Control4 dealers and release is currently slated for Q4.

The Control4® MyHome family of software apps allows homeowners to access and control lighting, temperature, security, music, movies, and so much more from a wide range of devices in a Control4 enabled home. The new MyHome - Android app is a robust solution that will allow homeowners to access, manage and control their Control4 system from their Android-based devices built on Android OS 1.6 or higher.

“Control4 MyHome is wildly popular with dealers and their customers, and Android devices are gaining widespread adoption. We know our dealers will be ecstatic to have an Android solution to add to their Control4 arsenal,” said Will West, Chief Executive Officer of Control4. “Our MyHome apps offer control of today’s digital home from a homeowner’s favorite phone or tablet, whether that’s Mac or PC, to give our customers the flexibility and options that meet their lifestyle.”

Control4 MyHome turns existing Android-enabled smart phones and tablets into additional interfaces that are consistent on every device from your iPhone to your Galaxy to your PC. Control4 MyHome allows users to manage their system over the local WiFi network within the home, with unique security features that identify and authenticate the homeowners Control4 system to their Android device.

The new Android app joins the incredibly successful line of Control4 MyHome family which already includes software apps and licenses for devices such as the iPad™ and iPhone™. With a MyHome site or device license, homeowners will have full control of the connected devices in their home and be able to do everything from adjust lights and lock doors to manage their Rhapsody playlists.

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Sony reveals its Personal 3D Viewer

3D for the individual enthusiast

By Chris Martin Wed Aug 31 2011, 13:25

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JAPANESE ELECTRONICS GIANT Sony has announced its HMZ-T1, or Personal 3D Viewer, which will tip up in November. The headset, which could be considered an updated version of the View-Master G from the 1960s, uses dual 0.7-inch HD OLED panels - one for each eye - with 1280x720 resolution, which Sony says is equivalent to watching a 750in theatre screen.

Sony said, “The device adopts the ‘Dual Panel 3D Method’ which consists of separate panels for the left and right eye in order to display independent HD picture quality to each eye, which realize 3D vision.”

Because the device uses a separate screen for each eye, the issue of crosstalk is completely eliminated and Sony touts viewing angles of 45 degrees. The Personal 3D Viewer sits on the head and includes 5.1 virtual surround sound. The headset has various buttons so the user can control the volume and do normal things like play and pause the video.

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Home Control System makes Saving Easy

Sep 08, 2011 By Steven Castle/Electronic House

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Being green and energy-efficient is often considered a mindset. The mantras of reduce, re-use, and recycle are repeated ad-nauseum. But one doesn’t need to adopt a minimalist mindset to be green and energy-efficient. In fact, Steve and Mashid Rizzone were of the mind that their new home, six years in the works, would be both green and energy efficient—and their contemporary California spread is as far from minimalist as you can get.

The nearly 12,000-square-foot Newport Beach compound encompasses three levels, with two kitchens, nine baths, a four-car garage, a gym, a state-of-the-art 14-seat home theater, 16 TVs, an infinity-edge pool, outdoor cooking area, motorized and movable glass walls, nine zones of heating and cooling, 17 zones of audio and video, an indoor waterfall, 11 closed-circuit security cameras, five biometric (fingerprint) access points, and nearly four miles of cabling. Oh, and there are views of the harbor to kill for.

So … um … how do you make all of that green and energy-efficient? Start with 3,000 square feet of solar panels mounted on a hillside to provide the home’s electricity. Add hundreds of super-energy efficient and long-lasting LED (light emitting diode) lamps throughout the house. Stir in ample helpings of an easy-to-use Savant home control system that operates nearly everything. And mix with generous portions of green building features, including a structural steel framework, recycled steel studs, concrete walls that help warm and cool the home, blown-in cellulose insulation, Energy Star-rated appliances and a rainwater harvesting system for landscape irrigation.

“This house has been a labor of love,” says Steve Rizzone. “We started about six years ago. We bought the property and decided that we wanted to build an energy-efficient house and be specific in terms of construction materials. In the interim we had two children, and we felt it was important to send a message to the kids. This was capped by what has happened in the last two years with energy and the cost of it, and what’s happening with the planet.”

The homeowners have applied for the highest level of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Homes certification. The LEED system typically won’t certify a home that’s as large as theirs, but the Rizzones are not easily deterred. They’re still going for Platinum-level certification.

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New Crestron App for Android Now Brings Total Home Control to Any Mobile Device

Crestron Mobile Pro® Apps Turn Apple® and Android™ Mobile Devices into Powerful Crestron Touch Screens, Enabling Complete Home Control from Anywhere in the World

September 8th, 2011

Crestron today announced that the Mobile Pro® G Control App for Android™, the latest addition to its popular Mobile Pro™ line, is now available. The Crestron control app turns any Android™ device into a fully functional Crestron touch screen, allowing homeowners to control lighting, thermostats, entertainment, security systems, and other connected systems from virtually anywhere, anytime. With the addition of the new Android™ app, Crestron expands its open platform even further, giving end users the versatility to control their homes however they want.

“Whether you own an Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet, there’s a Crestron mobile control solution to accommodate you,” said Crestron VP of Technology, Fred Bargetzi. “We’re committed to keeping our customers on the cutting edge by offering the solutions that bring the latest, most popular technology into their lives. Our new App for Android™ is just the latest example of that commitment.”

Mobile Pro® G delivers the enhanced lifestyle of cutting-edge home technology, enabling convenient control of all home systems from anywhere. Crestron’s family of Mobile Pro® apps transforms Apple® and Android™ mobile devices, into powerful portable remote controls for Crestron and Prodigy® whole home automation systems. Homeowners can control multiple locations, such as a primary residence, vacation home, and office, from the single application. The intuitive graphical interface provides real-time status of room temperatures, audio volume and metadata including album, song and artist, shade positions and lighting levels.

Using the home Wi-Fi network locally or powerful cellular networks remotely, a virtual Crestron touch screen is always in the palm of your hand whether you’re at home, in the office or traveling. Simply tap the screen on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device to select movies, music and TV in any room, or adjust volume, light levels and room temperature. While enjoying the same look and feel on your mobile device, the graphical interface works just like a Crestron touch screen and delivers the same user experience. Crestron’s open-standards platform also includes integration with MAC OSX®, iOS, Windows®, Adobe® Flash®, H.264 video and more.

“We continue to develop technology and provide convenience and flexibility to homeowners,” added Bargetzi. “Our open platform supports a variety of standard operating systems so homeowners are familiar and get the same control from various devices such as a PC, MAC®, iPad®, Android™ and Crestron touch screens.”

Available from the iTunes® App Store, Mobile Pro® G recently ranked #1 Top Grossing iPad Lifestyle App. and was the only industry iPad App to achieve Top 100 status in iTunes App Store “Top Grossing iPad Apps” category. The Mobile Pro® App for Android™ is available for easy download from the Google Apps Marketplace.

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Why Control4 Developed New $999 Handheld Touchscreen

Home automation firm still ‘supports and loves’ iPad, but founder Will West says consumers still want dedicated devices for controlling audio, video, lighting, security, thermostats, more.

By Julie Jacobson, September 07, 2011

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Control4 is launching a new 7-inch portable touchscreen for its home automation systems during CEDIA Expo 2011. At about $1,000 retail, the unit costs roughly twice as much as an iPad.

Who builds dedicated touchscreens anymore? Savant dropped theirs awhile ago to focus on Apple iOS devices. Crestron no longer cranks near as many touchscreens as they used to. And AMX has pared down their touchscreen development, except for the innovative new Modero X ultra-widescreen panel.

So what is Control4, the value-priced home automation brand, thinking?

“While we support and love iPads and other new [interface] devices, there just is a need and a demand for dedicated devices,” Control4 chairman Will West tells CE Pro. “Our volume indicates that dealers still want us to innovate on those.”

The new touchscreen is sleeker than Control4’s previous portable panel, says West. It offers capacitive touch and intercom capabilities (with additional $399 license).

Adding the cost of Control4 apps, a charging station, and whole-house intercom to the price of an iPad control solution, “you’re spending just as much” for the Control4 panel, officially called the 7” Portable Touch Screen.

Not to disparage or discount trends on tablets,” says West, “but there is still a role for dedicated devices.”

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Power Outage - System Reboot Steps

We hope you are all safe during the power outage. Many of your systems have been designed with surge protection and some with surge protection with battery backup. These units are specify implemented in your system to protect it from events like yesterday. Some of these units will come back online automatically and others will need to be manually brought online. In order to turn these units back on please follow the steps below (most of these units are located at the bottom of your equipment racks).

1) Locate the power unit (Below are some pictures of what it might look like) (It might have one of following names on the front, Belkin, Apc, Panamax, Furman, Monster Power, Crestron).

2) Press and hold the power button for 3 to 5 seconds (at which point you will hear a beeping sound, some models).

3) This should start to power on your equipment rack.

4) Depending on the size of your system (number of remotes, Smart light switches, HVAC, touchscreens, TV’s, Security Cameras). It will take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes for it to fully reboot.

5) Once the system is up please use it minimally for 2 to 3 hours to allow the battery units to recharge.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone 858-271-4154.





Monster Power



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How to Add Lighting Control to Your Home

Convenience is king, but lighting control systems today offer much more.

August 18, 2011 by Steven Castle

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Want to freshen up the appearance of your house, enjoy greater convenience and save some energy to boot? Then you should look into a lighting control system.

A lighting control system can automatically dim your lights, enact preset “scenes” so only the fixtures you need come on, automatically turn on and off lights so you don’t have to run around the house to do so- and interact with other home systems such as motorized window shades, security systems, thermostats and whole-house control and automation systems.

There are many types of systems available, in a variety of configurations and price points. You can have a fully wired system if you’re building a home or addition. If not, no worries: Opt for a wireless system that transmits commands over radio frequency signals instead of wires. A combination of the two works for many homeowners.

Many lighting control systems today incorporate motion and occupancy sensors to turn on and off lights automatically. And some lighting systems are starting to work hand-in-hand with shading and thermostats. Lutron, for example, is rolling out this seamless integration in its wired HomeWorks QS and wireless RadioRA 2 systems. If a sensor detects too much sunlight coming into a room, or if the temperature exceeds a certain point, the shades can automatically descend. Conversely, the shades can open to harvest daylight and warmth from the winter sun, while triggering lights to turn off.

Whole-house lighting control systems are available from companies including Lutron, LiteTouch, Vantage Legrand, CentraLite and Leviton- as well as home control companies Crestron and Control4. Also available are a variety of lighting control products that employ wireless Z-Wave and ZigBee technologies.

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2011 Custom Retailer Excite Awards Winner: AMX Enova DGX-16 / AMX / AVS-ENOVADGX16-ENC

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The HDCP installation nightmare is solved with the Enova DGX 16 modular, digital matrix switcher. With its built-in NetLinx controller it functions as a complete integrated solution that manages and distributes analog and digital audio and video including HDMI/HDCP, control, and Ethernet up to 100 meters over one standard twisted pair cable. With AMX’s exclusive InstaGate Pro” Technology, HDCP becomes a hassle-free plug-and-play operation; no tools, no delays, and no key constraints - it just works.

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Crestrons Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater Upgrades to 15,000 WATTS of Power

Crestron Press Release August 22, 2011

New Crestron Integrated Partner, Pro Audio Technology Boosts Sound Experience with Upgraded Speakers and Subwoofers

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The Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater in Crestron Worldwide Headquarters Experience Center recently received a jolt of power via high-output loudspeakers and subwoofers from Huntington Beach, CA-based Pro Audio Technology (PRO). The new Crestron Integrated Partner donated speakers and subwoofers to demonstrate the power of the Crestron PROCISE® surround sound processor and PROAMP amplifiers located in the theater. The Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater may look the same but the sound quality creates a whole new listening experience for visitors.

Opened in 2009, the state-of-the-art Experience Center provides integrators, architects, consultants, and designers with an interactive space to introduce clients to Crestron, meet with Crestron executives, collaborate with system designers and demonstrate the latest technology in an elegant, fully functional environment. The Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater, designed by the father of home theater himself, delivers the highest quality 3D HD video and surround sound experience, featuring the PROCISE PSPHD and three PROAMP amplifiers.

To enhance PROCISE, Crestron’s high-definition 7.3 surround sound processor and PROAMP amplifiers, Pro Audio Technology installed three SCR-15sm large format screen channel speakers to provide an unparalleled listening experience at every seat in the room, including true-to-life impact, effortless vibrant and unrestricted output levels. PRO employed six SCRS-12ai effects channels speakers to create a highly dynamic soundfield that remains coherent from the front to the back of the theater, maximizing the immersive experience while enhancing believability. All speakers are DSP optimized for highest resolution and compensation of boundary effects by PRO’s PMA digital engine.

Dual LFC-21sm subwoofers were placed in the front of the room to provide maximum low frequency extension and visceral slam. PRO’s LFC-12im in-wall subwoofers were mounted in the rear of the room to provide even distribution of low frequency content and minimize room modes. “We are thrilled to house Pro Audio Technology speakers and subwoofers in our state-of-the-art Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater,” said Crestron Product Marketing Manager, Keith Kennedy. “The new speakers showcase the performance capabilities of PROCISE, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“We were excited to work with Crestron on the upgrade of the Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater and bring the dynamic, high-output listening experience of Pro Audio Technology to this compelling demo,” said Pro Audio Technology Vice President, Larry Reagan. “The Pro Audio/PROCISE system will be a very useful tool for designers and integrators wishing to introduce their clients to reference level performance.”

In addition to the Pro Audio Technology speakers, subwoofers and DSP Engine, the Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater features Crestron PROCISE 7.3 HD surround sound processing, PROAMP amplifiers, ADMS Intermedia Delivery System™, Digital Projection TITAN Reference 1080p 3D three-chip DLP projector, Stewart Filmscreen 143-inch CineCurve screen, RPG acoustical room treatments and Acoustic Smart theater seats, guests are treated to a true cinema theater experience.

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2011 Custom Retailer Excite Awards Winner: ADA TEQ-12 Acoustic Room System with Trinnov Optimization

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The TEQ series of electronic room-correction optimizers represent the most dramatic leap forward in controlling the acoustical relationship between loud speakers and room environments. Featuring Trinnov’s proprietary software, which is based on the most advanced understanding of 3-D acoustical-modeling, the TEQ’s 64-bit floating-point-processing provides room correction in a manner otherwise unachievable. You won’t believe your ears! The TEQ is available in as the TEQ-4 (4 channels for hifi) as well as the TEQ-8 and TEQ-12 (8 and 12 channel units for cinema).

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