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HBO Debuts HBO GO App for Apple TV, iOS, and Android

by Jeff Kleist on Apr 19, 2011

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After giving Netflix a very public cold shoulder, HBO has debuted its new HBO GO app, which works with movile devices and set top boxes like Apple TV and GoogleTV. While still requiring an active HBO subscription (which must be obtained as part of a cable package, no streaming only kids), HBO GO claims to provide every episode of every season of every show they’ve got, as well as a selection of current movies available on the channel. While availability is at the whim of your cable provider/ISP, much like ESPN service on Xbox Live, it’s expected to be up and running on all the majors by the end of next month, including the lagging Time Warner Cable.

The real question is how long this honeymoon period is going to last, where the cable companies can continue to demand fealty from the heavy hitters like HBO, and with young people cutting the cord, how long will it really be before they want to collect that $14 a month direct? I know I’d consider picking up HBO a few months a year if I didn’t have the albatross of a cable subscription hanging onto it when a show or miniseries I want to see is on. It’s just a question of how many subscriptions they have to lose before that happens

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